Waste Control

Waste Management System

A modern SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, designed for efficient tracking of waste flows, fulfilling all legal requirements, and providing detailed analytics and reporting.

WasteControl enables companies to remain compliant with regulations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in every aspect of waste management.

By networking users, it facilitates quality communication and insight into real-time data storage and delivery records, giving complete control over the fulfillment of all obligations. It can be integrated with other waste management solutions, the e-ONTO system (regulatory WMS in Croatia), as well as ERP systems.

  • Business Process Automation

    WasteControl automates routine and repetitive tasks, saving time and allowing employees to focus on strategic tasks. Document transfer to the e-ONTO system is done with a single click.

  • Improved Organization

    A centralized database and integrated systems provide better organization of information and resources, leading to improved waste and resource management.

  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

    It facilitates better communication and collaboration between teams and departments involved in waste management processes, leading to better coordination.

  • Increased Productivity

    Optimization of work processes and better time management lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Data transfer to e-ONTO and report preparation is quick and easy.

  • Compliance with Legal Obligations

    WasteControl is in compliance with the prescribed legal regulations and contains all the required documents, thereby reducing the risk of regulatory penalties. It is fully compatible with the e-ONTO system.

  • Data Security

    By providing advanced security features, WasteControl helps protect sensitive waste management data.

  • Real-Time Access

    By providing real-time access to important data and information, WasteControl enables managers and teams to stay updated in a dynamic business environment.

  • Flexible Versions for Every User

    WasteControl comes in multiple versions to meet the specific needs of your company, whether you are a waste producer, transporter, or collector. Versions can be combined, making WasteControl an ideal solution for efficient and responsible waste management.

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