Leading Management Tool for Municipal Waste

Effective and Flexible Solution for Municipal Enterprises

Designed to provide a simple, efficient, and adaptable platform, our comprehensive solution fulfills the requirements of modern municipal operations.

  • Integration with Other Solutions

    CommunalControl seamlessly integrates with other systems and can be linked to waste management hardware, allowing for smooth integration and process optimization.

  • Mobile Applications for Maximum Flexibility

    With compatible mobile applications, public service workers can easily input and review data in the field, facilitating quick and efficient waste collection recording and incident reporting.

    • RecControl – recording individuals and the amount of waste delivered to recycling centers
    • BinControl – recording irregularities during municipal waste collection service provision
    • BCControl – linking barcode readers with CommunalControl
  • Legal Compliance and Fast Implementation

    Our solution fully complies with Waste Management legislation, and the core module can be swiftly and efficiently implemented.

  • Key features
    • Recording of users and billing locations
    • Bin recording and management
    • Waste collection reports and analytics
    • Field reporting of user misconduct
    • Management of recycling centers
    • Customer communication portal


A mobile app for users of public services, offering a wide range of information.

Informing users in real-time:

  • Scheduled Waste Collection Verification:

Users can verify the date, time, and GPS location for their scheduled waste pickups. Enables real-time
monitoring of waste collection schedules.


  • Details on Waste Submitted to Recycling Centers:

Shows information on the amount and type of waste deposited at recycling centers. Allows users to monitor their recycling activity and support environmental sustainability.


  • Recycling Center Information:

Provides operating hours, locations, and contact details of recycling centers. Includes a list of acceptable waste types, aiding users in proper waste segregation


  • Bulky Waste Collection Overview:

Request pickup for larger items that don’t fit in regular disposal bins.


  • Educational Material:

Offers up-to-date information and alerts for public service users, including recycling tips, updates on service changes, and other valuable information.

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